So I joined Patreon today and this is my heads up on why I decided to do so.  I had a really funny phone call last night from my buddy Young where he was kind of drunk, slightly yelling through the phone and wondering why I don’t have a Patreon.  I was honestly a little bit put off about the idea of asking my readers to give me money.  Me personally, growing up, I’ve never asked for money even from my parents.  I always believed in working hard myself and never bothering anyone for anything.  But it has come to a point where I want to humbly ask my loyal readers, my fam jam… if you guys have the ability/want to support my content, Patreon is now up and running for little old me. 

I really want to make this a career and I really want to be able to bring you guys tons of content daily, not just K beauty but also a food blog, Youtube videos on both K-beauty and cooking but I can’t do that and not have financial support unfortunately.  No you won’t be funding a yacht or my vacation home in the middle of Europe.  You guys would be able to give me the freedom to create endless content, new equipment to better the blog/ Youtube channels.  If you can’t support me, don’t worry.  You can always just use my affiliate links when purchasing products (links are always in my blog reviews!).  Heck, even you just reading my content helps.  I appreciate all of you guys and thank you for sticking by me all these years and trusting my opinions. 

Written by Christina

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