Continuing on with the second part to my K-beauty haul, here is the longest video I have made to date.  Please take your pee break and come back with popcorn >_<.  I will leave links to the products here, so click “read more” for links :D.  It is also in the description box so no worries!

Part one of Korea haul:

Welcome to the part 2 of my Korea haul. This section is the products that was gifted by the following companies: -107 oneoseven (
-Tia’m (
-Sampar (
-Chupa Chups (
-Makeon (
-Cosrx (

Products mentioned:
-107 oneoseven rose vinegar water (
-107 oneoseven Aussie Breezy soap (
-107 oneoseven Hawaiian Breeze soap (

-Tia’m My signature red C serum (
-Tia’m perfect foot bar (

Sampar Addict
-Sampar addict french lip oil in 01 rose hip (
-Sampar addict pink tone up sun cushion (
-Sampar addict poreless magic essence (

Chupa Chups beauty
-Chupa Chups color pop kit (
-Chupa Chups candy glow cushion (
-Chupa Chups bling bling eyes (
-Chupa Chups velvet lip tint (

-Makeon skin light therapy (
-Makeon cleansing enhancer (
-Makeon make up enhancer (
-Makeon magnetight 15 (
-Makeon micro-whipping cleansing foam (
-Makeon vita rich in-fusion essence (
-Makeon high current cream gel (

-Cosrx low pH good morning gel cleanser (
-Cosrx one step moisture up pad (
-Cosrx aloe soothing sun cream (
-Cosrx ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask (
-Cosrx standard pad case (
-Cosrx advance snail 96 Mucin power essence (
-Cosrx propolis light ampule (
-Cosrx centella water alcohol free toner (
-Cosrx AHA 7 whitehead power liquid (
-Cosrx PHA moisture renewal power cream (
-Cosrx low pH PHA barrier mist (
-Cosrx low pH BHA overnight mask (

Existing full blog reviews:
-Makeon skin light therapy (
-Makeon magnetight 15 (
-107 oneoseven coreflex hydro rich cream (
-Cosrx skincare review (
-Cosrx ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask (
-Cosrx one step moisture up pad (
-Cosrx PHA moisture renewal power cream (

*All products were gifted. Nothing in this video was sponsored nor was I obligated to make a video about it.*

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