Okay guys, this might come as a shock but I’m trying something different for 2018.  I’ve been writing about K-beauty on this platform since 2015 (longer actually but on another platform) but never touched on the biggest part of K-beauty… plastic surgery. Whether or not you agree with plastic surgery, we have to face the facts that Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world.  Many people from all over the world fly into Korea to get their plastic surgery done since it is usually cheaper then their home country and Korea also has the latest state of the art technology.  I got the chance to interview a real life plastic surgeon, Dr. Oh Myung-June.  When we think of plastic surgery in Korea, there are the three popular types of surgeries:
1. Double eyelid surgery
2. V line (aka. jawline contouring)
3. Rhinoplasty

  In this post, we will be focusing on the ever so famous “V Line” contouring.  So let’s get started and I hope we can all be mature about this because it is more of an educational post and not about politics/personal feelings towards plastic surgery. 

Also a couple of days ago, I asked everyone on my Instagram if there are any questions/enquires about V line contour surgeries; I’ll definitely be adding those in. If your questions weren’t asked exactly the way it was written, I’m sorry :(.  It might be because a part of it was already in another question that was asked previously. Thank you fam for your questions! Let’s get started!

Please introduce yourself. What is your name?  What field are you an expert in and how many years have you been working in the field?
My name is Dr. Myung June Oh. or in Korean, the last name is pronounced first as Oh Myung June. I have been in practice for over 10 years. Although I have performed all types of plastic surgeries, I am most known for my facial bone contouring such as jaw and zygoma (Zygoma is the medical term for cheekbone) surgery.”

So I did some digging on Dr. Oh Myung June and he has quite the impressive background.  He graduated from Seoul National University Medical College and was an intern at Seoul National University Hospital and later on became a professor there.  Dr. Oh was also a plastic surgery specialist, plastic surgery fellow, and plastic surgery clinical professor at Seoul National University.  I don’t think you guys want to read sentences of his resume, so I’ll have it as bullet form.

-Former Seoul National University Hospital professor
-Seoul National University Medical College graduate
-Intern at Seoul National University hospital
-Plastic surgery specialist at Seoul National University hospital
-Plastic surgery fellow at Seoul National University hospital
-Plastic surgery clinical professor at Seoul National University hospital
-Plastic surgery professor at Seoul National University hospital Bundang
-Seoul National University Plastic surgery advisor
-Seoul National University hospital clinical advisor
-Regular member of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery
-Regular member of The Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
-Regular member of The Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association
-Regular member of The Korean Society of Plastic Surgery Facial Contouring research society
-Regular member of The Korean Conference of opening Plastic Surgery
-Regular member of International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
-IPRAS(International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Society)

On top of that, Dr. Oh was amongst the many talented doctors on the show “Let me in (aka. Let 美人.  It is a play on words since 美人 in Chinese is “mei ren” meaning beautiful people.  So in English, “Let me in” is how they got the show’s name. )” which was a makeover show (ran from 2011 to 2015) where the average joe would come in and talk about their life and struggles in hopes of getting a makeover to get a new start in life. I watched a couple episodes and liked that the show covered their life stories, struggles and how the plastic surgery makeover changed their life.  When we think of plastic surgery here in North America, it is more of a luxury and vanity thing but we don’t think of people who truly need it.  There was one episode where this 21 year old male who built up the courage to lose a ton of weight but ended up with man titties and flabby skin.  He never left his room, depressed and just gave up on life.  After the surgery, he was a completely different man.  It’s truly amazing how little things like that can save someone’s perspective of life and how much confidence it gives them.  If anyone is interested and want to watch some episodes, they have a couple on Youtube with English subtitles here. For those that have been following the show, you would have definitely seen Dr. Oh.  Just in case you thought you were seeing things, yes, I got THE chief of Regen clinic to do this interview.  Its an honor.  

Also the people who get chosen to be on the show get their make over done for FREE by the top surgeons.  Yes… FREE.  I saw some surgeries costing up to $50,000 USD :O.  I’m not going to lie, I definitely cried a few times listening to these people’s stories and was so happy for them when I saw their makeovers at the end.  It was almost like seeing your best friend get a new beginning in life.

What got you into doing plastic surgery in specific? What is your biggest success story?
I have had many facial contouring consultations and surgeries for over 10 years and gave numerous lectures and appeared on major broadcasts about cosmetic surgery. The most memorable outcome for me was one of my patients that appeared on the show Let Me In. Let Me In is a Korean makeover show where real people with specific needs go through a makeover transformation with various plastic surgeons working with each participant. The show captivated the audience by showing up close in real time, a genuine emotional process of a person transforming into a beautiful person.  A lot of the participants endured not just the physical pain of cosmetic surgery but also suffered from the functional aspects of the program due to the obligations it required – they had to show their suffering in front of a camera. But in the end, the suffering turns into happiness and an increase in confidence after surgery. As a plastic surgeon, seeing a happy patient after surgery is the highest reward.”Dr. Oh in action at Let me in taping. He’s the third from the left.

I don’t really have to point him out here do I?  The only man with the lab coat LOL.

Can you tell us what is trending in Korean plastic surgery other than double eyelid surgery, chin contour and rhinoplasty?
“Nowadays, double-eyelid surgery is not even considered plastic surgery due to a large number of people having it and how basic the procedure is. In Korea a very popular procedure is known as the V-line procedure and zygoma, or ‘facial contouring’ which is creating changes in the persons face line to create a more symmetrical look.”


What is the most common reason for people coming in for a Facial Contouring (V-line and Cheekbone)?
“I think that the face type [shape] has the greatest influence on the overall image of a person. No matter how beautiful your other features are, it isn’t truly completed if the jawline is rugged/big-boned face. This is probably why the eyes are a little smaller or the nose is a little low when looking at the face as a whole.”


What is the most popular V-line surgery and which method is used for it?
“Basically, the most common surgery is chin and cheekbone surgery. Among them, there is jaw surgery which is also called V-line surgery. The main V-line method is to cut the cortical bone and mandibular angle to create a  ‘V’ shape.  In some cases a patient gets a zygoma reduction as well to create a more balanced face. There are a couple of other V-line methods that factors in the patients jaw thickness and shape for each type. You can read more up on them on our website.”I’m not going to get too in-depth with the different methods and such because I think their website does a very good job on explaining everything to the T (nor am I a med. student and scientific names confuse me :P).


Are there requirements that needs to be met before being eligible for the Facial Contouring surgery?  What would be some factors that cannot allow an individual to get the surgery?Sorry I didn’t ask your question exactly :'(.

“We check the patient’s bone structure through 3D Scanning of the face and skull.  There is also a series of safety tests before surgery to ensure the patients safety (blood, hair, urine).  A patients age can play a role in procedures where cutting of the bone is involved. Since bone continues to grow on people well into their early 20’s, it is not recommended for those under 20. In addition, anatomical anomalies such as nerve endings in areas where the bone is cut, there can be an increase in nerve damage during surgery. “

Since I’m obviously not in Korea nor am I doing the V line surgery, I found a couple of bloggers that actually have done the surgery with in depth pictures of what it is like at the Regen clinic.  Bearlovebeauty did a great job on sharing her journey with tons of pictures if you’d like to check her blog out.  Like Dr. Oh stated, they first:

-blood tests
-urine tests
-hair sampling
-heart condition check
-3D facial bone CT scan

On top of that, the clinic also helps with car service from the airport to the hotel as well as helping you get the hotel booking at a special rate.  Usually the hotels are super close to the clinic, for convenience sake of course.

A famous Singapore blogger QiuQiu also wrote about her experience. Her post-op is super cringe worthy though.  I’m a squeamish person and was trying not to cringe while scrolling down.  Its kind of like watching those pimple popping videos where it is gross but you can’t stop watching.  That was me…scrolling and cringing LOL.


Around what age range do you commonly get for the V line surgery?
“The ages range from early 20’s to late 30’s. It is most common for women in their mid 20’s.”


Are there any negative effects on the jaw muscles?  
“There is always risk when it comes to the cutting the bone, however this is where skill plays a crucial role. Technique for the V-line contouring is where I have the upper hand due to my years of experience. That is why choosing a plastic surgeon and choosing a hospital with well-equipped safety system is crucial.  There are people who get the procedure done at hospitals that have cheaper costs but they also have an increased risk for some type of damage post-op.

The pricing varies from patient to patient. Some of my patients need only a small amount of cutting down whereas others might need quite a bit done. The bone condition also plays a factor in the type of surgical procedure required. For some people, a V-line is appropriate but some people may need two-jaw surgery and others genioplasty.  I would say it would range from 8 million won ($7,520.00 USD) to 25 million won ($23,500.00 USD) in some cases.”

How long can the V line effect last? Does the surgery need touching up after it has been done?  Will aging change the jawline surgery?“The effects of the procedure are permanent. In some cases there might need touch up for the swelling only. We offer laser treatment to reduces the recovery time and swelling for patients who are on a tight schedule. The jawline will only change as it would have naturally with age.”


Is it true the jawline bone will feel jagged after the surgery and not smooth?
“The procedure will result in a smooth jawline, not jagged at all.”


What is the likelihood of skin sagging after the surgery and are there ways to correct it if it does?
“There is no risk of sagging after the surgery. Some surgeons tell their patients that there is a risk for sagging of the skin however I believe this is due to a flaw in surgical technique. I always tell my patients there will be no sagging whatsoever. The main point of this surgery is it avoid the double chin look and I think it is important for clients to check on the procedure methods before surgery.”

LOL that shade doe…”due to flaw in surgical technique“.  But for real, the doc’s confidence shines through this quote.  Sorry, random commentary :P.  Back to regular scheduled programming.

If you need to fly home soon after the surgery, are there certification that is needed to be able to pass through customs? (This questions is if your appearance is drastically changed and customs may not allow you through the border due to the photo in the passport not matching up)
“Haha. I read on the news a couple years ago I think about Chinese tourists being held at the airport due to a big difference in passport photo. I believe that story was a hoax. If it was not, that is a surprise. Our patients at Regen have never had this issue at all and we have quite a bit of foreigner patients. For those who are skeptical of our credentials, we always provide all of our certifications at the patient’s request.”

HAHA okay this was my questions.  So a while ago, I saw an article where there were Chinese tourists that went to Korea to get plastic surgery but I think they didn’t give themselves enough time to heal and let the swelling go down, so the customs obviously didn’t let them through since they looked like this…Like come on now… even I wouldn’t let them through.  IT WAS A VALID QUESTION, don’t judge me >_<.


I’m a foreigner and want to come to Korea for plastic surgery but I can’t speak the language.  Does your clinic offer services to aid in the language barrier?
“We provide translators for all languages. English is common at our clinic so we have staff that can speak English at all times and some of the surgeons including myself can speak a English just a tiny bit. Try not to think of language ever being a problem at Regen.”

And that concludes the interview.  It was quite an interesting conversation and a part of K-beauty I never really explored. I hope you guys took this interview more as a moment to learn something new and not be fiesty down in the comments.  Remember, we are a supportive community so play nice fam (but I know everyone will 😉 <3).  Let me know how you guys found this different post down in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but I am in no way trying to persuade you guys to go to this specific clinic.  Definitely do your own research, find the best option for you and what you are comfortable with.  And if you guys trust me, you’d know I won’t pick up any type of sponsorship.  I do my homework to say the least.*

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